Hi everybody, i'm new. I don't really have much to say other than the fact that I have had ED issues for quite some time, but they've gotten really strong recently. I hope I can find some people here to connect with.

[Age]: 21
[Height]: 5'5
[Highest Weight]: 145
[Current Weight]: 127
[Lowest Weight]: 100
[Diagnosed]: offically, none

I don't know how to do an LJ cut and don't have a picture of myself anyway but I would post some thinspo pictures if I knew how to do a cut!


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hi everyone i'm new here. i just binged and i'm 138 pounds.

i'm pleading to anyone out there who's ever been my weight but is anorexic now. i wanna be really thin like 85 pounds or something, but i just need to know exactly what to do for that. even when i try to fast i dun lose fast enough then i get pissed and start bingeing again.

help please. email me at rhumba_addict@yahoo.com
omg i LOVE linds!!!!

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hey girlies!! well i took everyones advice and drank actual water and not v8 splash and it worked i think!!! i realized that I LOVE WATER!!! so now i'm drinking TONS OF WATER, like 140oz a day, is that bad?

and i also cut back and i'm only eating foods that have NO SODIUM AT ALL, like broccoli and carrots and apples and such. i hope it works i dont want any nasty sodium cluttering up my body!! do you think thats bad as well? it could be but i dont care at all! i want to be skinny so bad!

i'm 5'1 and my goal weight is mk's goal weight - 88 pounds. i'm trying to get there by the end of may, right now i'm 109lbs. do you girls think thats possible?

add me! i'll add you back!!!
think thin and stay strong!

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hello! im new to a few communities, but not to livejournal. i just turned 23 and decided that with a new year of my life, i would start over and start living for me -- being happy!

i have decided to embrace my disordered eating, instead of trying to run from it. all it was succeeding in doing was making me incredibly unhappy with myself. along with my new lifestyle, i came out to my momma about my sexuality (bi), which was a big deal.

my current stats are:
height- 5'9.
weight- 131
goal weight- 120
long term- 95

i'm looking to add new friends on this account, so add me if you wish!!

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hey everyone!
i'm new to lj and i posted an into in were_not_hungry but everyone there is so mean!
i hope people here are more understanding.
i've been ana for about a year now and i'm 124 lbs & 5'2''. i want to say more but i'm afraid of being critisized so ask me if you want to know more.
friends are always welcome!!
bye bye and THINK THIN!

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[Age]: 16
[Height]: 5'7"
[Highest Weight]: 140 (YIKES!!)
[Current Weight]: ? probably 139-ish
[Lowest Weight]: 123
[Diagnosed]: nope
[Picture]: (Please post a picture. It's not required, though. If you do not want to share a photo, that's okay. If you could please supply a thinspirational photo instead. (Please put underneith a livejournal cut.) We do not discriminate on looks, so don't be afraid to show us what you look like. It's okay.)

Hey, thanks for letting me join, I hope to lose and bond with you girls

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Hey Everyone!
I'm fairly new, I just got up the nerve to post in here. Here are my stats, I would love any help or advice you have to give. If anyone wants a buddy to discuss food issues/go on fasts/or just to talk to, I'm here. Well, that being said, here are my stats:
Age: 18
Height: 5'1"
CW: 155
LW: 133
HW: 155
STG: 135
LTG: 110
This summer, right before I started my First Year in college, I lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks. Since being here, I've gained it all back (stupid freshman 15), plus a few more...I've started to go to the gym more regularly (the past three days, you have to start somewhere) and eat better. I've been drinking a ton of water too. I just want to be a healthy weight for my height. Honestly, my BMI is right near the obese level. I should weigh anywhere from 110-120 because I'm so short. But, obviously, I'm not anywhere near that.
So please, help?